here’s some videos that we love (pt. 2, the Johnny Cash edition)

When Hiram was a little kid, his Grandma  Lucke had a patch of records next to the stereo.  The one that was out front was this one.  Later Hiram dated a girl whose grandmother babysat Mr. Cash as a kid back in Arkansas.  It’s a little early, but H’s grandma died right before Mr. Cash did and he’s been thinking of her tonight (along with anyone who has had to work very hard for a living and all those people Johnny had to dress in black for) so here’s some videos of Johnny for Edna Lucke and anyone else who loves a good country song ( I’ve never seen the movie and I don’t plan to–Johnny Cash does not exist to me as a movie star):

Hurt (don’t watch this if you can’t handle death… or crying)
Big River
Delia’s Gone
Sunday Morning Coming Down
Ring of Fire
Ballad of Ir a Hayes
God’s Gonna Cut You Down
Elvis who?
Walk the Line

holy balls

In a new personal and professional low, last night we opened for a dude reading poems about unicorns.

And while people talked, yelled, answered their phones, and all but threw cabbages at our heads during our set, unicorn dude got respectful silence.



cheap laughs

After having some recessionary setbacks this week in our little family, Hiram and I have decided to start ending every sentence with “in these troubled economic times.”  It’s the new “in bed” for our revolting Age.

With that in mind, some cheap fun:  I’ve played Playbabble pretty much since it first came online.  It’s free unless you want to spring for the deluxe version, $10 US, or the equivalent of a stick of gum and a kind word in Euros.  It doesn’t even need to be one of the big ones like “love” or “please” — I’m guessing even “nice weather we’re having” will do in these troubled economic times.