one long live song

I feel bad that no one got to hear the live set on the radio Friday, so here’s a free download of the set (as practiced the night before).  Recorded on a Zoom H2 digital recorder and then bumped up in Adobe Audition.  Weird phasing in places caused by my walking in front of the mic.  The “shush” you hear occasionally is me walking around in my slippers.

thg032609 mp3 (160 kbps; 32 minutes)

A Letter to the Bees
The Pool Across the Street
Lazlo, Buddy
She of the Diving Horses
Mountain (a not so great version, but oh well)
Plastic Deer
Funnier on Paper

melissas I am not, Arthurian edition

March 1, 2009

Hi Princess Melissa,

I hope that you’re not suffering too much from the potions yesterday? You were enough entranced to offer me your card and your number.

I thought that you were lovely, and seemed both sweet and smart… a bewitching combination. So if you would like to stay in touch let me know… and if I don’t hear back, I’ll understand… and look forward to seeing you by chance some other day at Crystal Basin…

Your Knight in Tarnished Armor,



Dear Sir Rob,

I am certain I am not the Princess Melissa for whom you search, for in truth I am already wed to another.  Also, last night I was home, slaying dragons in a RPG.

I am sorry, and sincerely wish you the best of luck in locating the lady Melissa you are actually questing for, and winning her hand with a minimum of fuss.

Best wishes,