a bit of recent press

1. Top 10 Most Underrated Bands from Old-Wizard dot com.

2. Crappy Indie Music did a nice post about our videos/music for Nutate.

3. Spew, the Weekly Volcano’s blog, did a piece before we played there in January.


5 thoughts on “a bit of recent press

  1. Hi guys,

    I am the author of said nerd site above. It’s my buddy’s site, and I write his beer and music articles. Sadly, our site was hacked today and replaced with Eastern extremist propaganda…I’m not sure how we were singled out for that. We had to revert the site to an older copy, and as long as we’re hack-free for a while (I hope it was a random act) the article will be back up. In the mean time, I just wanted you to know how rad I think you guys are. As far as a tee shirt goes, you guys have paid enough in terms of music availability and philanthropy to make me happy; but if you’d like a walking, occasionally sitting, sparsely inhabited pub playing lanky troubadour in CT as a billboard, I’d love to oblige. My wife and I have talked about moving to Portland for years now. If we ever make it out there we can schedule a cat play-date.

  2. Hey, thanks for letting us know, Matt. I (Hiram) just switched it to a cached version and we’ll switch it back when all is on the mend for y’all (I didn’t even get the chance to send it to my parents yet!). Really sorry you got hacked; that blows enormously. And just let us know what size t-shirt you need.

  3. Wow, that was a fast response. Yeah, it’s pretty lousy. I really didn’t think anyone read my articles except to yell at me (it is, after all, a retro video game site, and I’ve yet to write an article about a video game)! I get a call about twice a month asking for variety from the site guy “hey, can you write a blurb on whatever?” so music and beer usually win. I am a size large for length, but when medium shirts are bestowed upon me a long sleeve shirt underneath can usually keep the midriff covered nicely…

    btw, did you use any vocal effects on goodbye horses? just curious.

  4. Fast responses happen when you are furloughed from your job for two weeks and you spend most of the day reading stories about chimp attacks, adding another irrational fear to your list (well, not your, but mine).

    We actually figure no one ever listens to our music, so we’re in the same boat. As for “goodbye horses,” it sounds like there’s a bit of reverb and then delay when Melissa and Victor Scott’s voice carry out before the instrumental break (it’s been three years since I recorded it/mixed it, so I’m not exactly sure what’s on it, but that sounds about right). Actually, that reminds me that there’s a version of the song with Victor singing, “it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again,” over the end that I need to dig up.

    I’ll check the t-shirt situation and see what we’ve got.

  5. No worries. About that chimp attack, it was about 20 minutes from me…and i was accosted by a neighbor’s chimp when I was around 11, it actually chased me down on my bike, climbed up me, and stole my hat. This was not an affluent or eccentric neighborhood, so I too have harbored a fear of chimp attacks. At least you know that they are not irrational, although in my personal experience they are more likely to rob you than eat you face and hands off, if that puts you at ease. I’m sorry about your job, it’s rough out there right now. Good luck.

    btw, lots of people around me listen to your music now. I would love to hear that version of goodbye horses.

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