The Story of Yo La Tengo (and Cockaboody)

Today’s been weird because of a bout of insomnia leading to 3 hrs sleep, but here’s the good thing.

When I was a kid and sitting through an HBO summer (see here for an explanation of HBO summer) I watched a cartoon with these two little kids talking little kid stuff involving toilets.  I saw it two or three times.  I thought it was really funny.  It’s been over 20 years–maybe over 25–and all this time I thought the cartoon was called “Cockadoodie”.  I’ve searched for this cartoon a couple of times with alternate spellings on the Google and never found it.

So, this morning I’m listening to Soundcheck on WYNC and John Schaefer is talking to Jesse Jarnow about YLT’s album I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One and how it’s been 15 years since it came out.  Jarnow just published a book on YLT, so that got my interest well piqued.  I check his website and find this page and there it is, a youtube video of “Cockaboody”.  There was a B in there!  Turns out that Georgia Hubley’s parents had created the cartoon in 1973 and that one of the kids voices is that of Georgia (the other is her sister Emily, a fine animator/artist as well).  I had known that the parental Hubley’s were animators, but here it was, the damn cartoon I’ve been looking for forever.  So, here it is, “Cockaboody”

I should thank YLT, not only for all of the great music but for finally leading me to the cartoon I’ve been looking for for so long.  So, uh, thanks YLT and all the rest who led me down a strange path today.

I’m gonna go sleep now.


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