2008 roundup (holy hell, we did a lot this year)

Looking back, after a really jacked-up year, we actually got a lot accomplished on the recording front. Maybe this year we’ll play some shows for you to see:

Our newest album, Nutate:
Download = Circle Into Square
Japanese CD (!!!!) = Starboze
Remixes = our site

Vids from Nutate (so far):
Don’t Go Stop
Resh Day Lo(from the wonderful Sharon Wasden)
Hey, Little Sprout!

Holland Buffalo (a project with our pal feedle):
Watch the video for “Optimistic”

We recorded “Christmas Time is Here” for the Wayside Waifs Charity CD. Go buy it to help out a wonderful cause.

We recorded with our pal Alantl Molina, rethinking his song “Denver” (see our myspace pageto listen to it).

Hiram played sax on the original version of cars & trains “Sometimes Falter” and we did a cover of the song for his Rusty String Deluxe album.

We sang and played on our friends’ Wow & Flutter’s album “Golden Touch”. And then Hiram blew Cord’s amp at their CD release show.

We recorded a version of The Swirlies “Vigilant Always” that will be released soon by Reverse Engine Records.

Hiram released an EP of seasonal tomfoolery under the moniker The Fosbury Flops.

Then there were shows. And recording a lot of stuff that will make the light of day at some point (“Watching E.T.’s Mom in Other Movies” is one of those songs). And I’m sure we’re forgetting something….

2009: Right now, we’re going to just play shows, but we’re sure we’ll release at least 6 EPs for download that we’re not thinking about at the moment.