Hey, we’ve re-released our EP Declinate over at Circle Into Square.  And it’s free.  Go, get it.

Here’s a video while you wait for the download:

Lucky Dragons interview

Hiram did a really nice interview (not necessarily because of him) with LA folks Lucky Dragons at Circle Into Square. We particularly like this part:

HL: Are there any new projects that you’d like to talk about?

LD: We’re working on democracy at the moment. Looking into the way things emerge and self-organize, trying to set aside space for this to happen in a good way. One of the best ways to do this seems to be putting things out into the world for people to accept or reject or embed and incorporate into their own worlds… things such as a new record, sculptures, zines, essays, a museum, websites, drawings, live performances… the more simple exchanges we can be a part of, the better feel we get for the complex system we live and work in, and with or without understanding it, the more we contribute to the growing complexity, and ultimately, beauty of it all.

New FREE EP from Circle Into Square

The Prisoners of Candy Island by The Harvey Girls is more than an odds and sods collection of throwaway songs. The Prisoners of Candy Island drifts by on old drum machines and delayed guitars with snippets of conversation and liquid rhythyms like a homemade dirigible over the Atlantic. With minimal lyrics, ‘Ocean’ tells the story of a painter’s obsession/addiction while ‘Song XLIII’ borrows its theme of rememberance from Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Kinks Chronicled and Kliph Scurlock interview

Hey, just so y’all know, over at our music blog ‘sing a simple song’ we’re going through later Kinks albums and singing the praises of some of our fave songs and have some guests along for the ride as well.  The series is called ‘Kinks Chronicled‘.

Also, Kliph Scurlock was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer not quite 20 questions for Hiram on the Circle Into Square site.

Actual stuff about the band is coming very, very soon.  Dig it.