here’s some videos that we love (pt. 1)

Paul McCartney–“Coming Up”

Talking Heads–“Burning Down the House”

The Bats–“Block of Wood”

The Clean–“Anything Could Happen”

Tall Dwarfs–“Nothings Going to Happen”

Yma Sumac–“Pachamama”

The Beatles–“Paperback Writer/Rain” (well, “Rain” anyway)

Kiiiiiii–“4 Little Joeys”

Smog–“I Feel Like the Mother of the World”

Le Saturnin (need we say more?)

Selda Bağcan–“Adalet…

The Embarrassment–“Celebrity Art Party (Live)

The Art Ensemble of Chicago

The Music Tapes–“Majesty” (one of my fave songs from last year, just so you know)

Black Sabbath–“Iron Man”

Renaldo and the Loaf–“Songs for Swinging Larvae”

TFUL 282–“It Wasn’t Me (Live)”

(so what are some of your fave videos?)


4 thoughts on “here’s some videos that we love (pt. 1)

  1. Hi Guys,
    I’m still loving that Kiiiiiii video and track a couple of years down the line. Thanks for the original introduction and the reminder.


  2. Ah, forgot to say what video I’m loving….
    Well i’m really in the mood for a bit of Dead Kennedys, and the opening track (Police Truck) from their live video is an absolute stormer, so went over to youtube to find it, but found this instead…

    How come I didn’t know any girls like this when I was a teenager…

    Simon (again)

    • Wow! Well, I would have been too shy to talk to her, probably, but I’m just going to say that if I knew any girls that were covering the Dead Kennedys when I was a teen, my head would have exploded, I’m sure.

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