Sidereal Choices (a mixtape)

Hey all, since we’ve got a new album coming out on October 9 called ‘Sidereal Time’, I (that’s Hiram) put together a mixtape of songs that aren’t necessarily influences, but have the same feel as the album.  Although, that’s not necessarily true. So here’s the file to play:

and here’s a download link:
Sidereal Choices (a mixtape)

Oh, and here’s the playlist:

Stay Awake–Julie Andrews
Long, Long, Long–the Beatles
Theme from a Broken Heart–Jack Nitzsche
Nothin’–Townes Van Zandt
Somewhere Over the Rainbow–Ferrante and Teicher
Guardian Angel–Harpo Marx
Bulent Ortacgil–Kediler
Kangaroo–Big Star
Perpetuum Mobile–Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Waking Up–Monroe Mustang

Enjoy it…