whatcha doin’?

recording, recording, recording, trying to figure out the new system.

a lot of real life work.

recording.  reading some.  New Thomas Frank book.  Man, I (Hiram) miss the Baffler.

Oh, and some shows coming soon.  Tell you about that soon.

it’s been kind of a bummer summer.  but the lucke family visit was great.

Anyhoo, until next time, you can watch this if you like music and this is you like music and cartoons.

p.s.: Does anyone know why Bollywood musicals from a certain period are all blown out as far as sound goes?  I love it, but it sounds like an engineering problem (or is it just an analog to digital problem?  surely not).

If I were Stephen Malkmus…

…every so often I’d stop what I was doing and think, “Hot damn, I actually wrote Gold Soundz.

Then I would probably put on an Oxford shirt and admire my aquiline profile in a mirror.

— Melissa

August Shows

There’s a couple of rock shows we’re doing in August here in Portland:

Aug. 14th at Kelly’s with wow & flutter and One Million Teeth.  THG is opening, so 9:30 ish.

Aug. 18th at The Hawthorne Theater.  This is a KUFO Viva La Luna benefit.  Should be fun and maybe all ages.

Other than that we’ve been setting up the new recording equipment and getting the basement room set up as a “studio” once again.  All the busyness with business is over for awhile, so hopefully there’ll be something new soonish.

Love y’all,
H and M