A Very Big Delicious Christmas

Hello all. We hope that the end of the year finds you in good spirits and good health.

We decided to continue the sound collage/mashup project that we started way, way back in 2008 called A Very Big Delicious Christmas and place them all in one spot. So you can listen to/download all six parts of A Very Big Delicious Christmas at our soundcloud page:

(edit: the songs have been deleted from soundcloud.  sorry.  you can check it next christmas!)

There may be more coming… it depends on how the ghost of Jacob “Bob” Marley wants us to continue. At the end of the year, we’ll stick all of these on our site for safekeeping.

We wish you the happiest of holidays.

Lots of love,
Melissa, Hiram, Mushi Mushi Gila Monster, and The Big Delicious