“Puss” The Harvey Girls (live at Backspace, Portland, 020610, recorded by Tim Kahn)

This is another tune that’ll be on I’ve Been Watching… and it’s an easy one to track down.  Like most other horror geeks (or just geeks in general), I fell in love with Let the Right One In after seeing it.  I’ve since read the book, which is a lot more graphic, but just as wonderful.  Melissa has said that the movie is like a poem that’s based on the novel and I think that’s probably the best explanation of their relationship.  Anyway, the story line fit in well with the story line of the album (as well as a few subtexts), so it stayed.

The title “Puss” comes from the scene at the end of the movie when Eli taps out morse code while on the train.  This FAQ on IMDB says that it spells out “p-u-s-s,” which in Swedish means “small kiss”.  Of course, in English, it’s a derogatory name for a boy or man so I couldn’t pass up that play on words even if Jesus Lizard has a song called that already. I have no idea if the translation is correct, but it’s a good excuse to call something puss.

Addendum (whoops, forgot the lyrics):
Meet me in the middle
Neither here or there
Meet me in between
Neither A or B

Meet me between
Our apartments on the playground
I know the beauty
Of blood in the snow
I only kill when I need
Neither A or B

Please be me for a little while
Please be me for awhile


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