sorta slacking

Hmm, haven’t written much here in awhile. Sorry, dear readers. Truth is we’ve been slacking a bit. Although, not really. There’s a ton of new songs/music in the works. It’ll be awhile before we release anything, but if you’re in Portland keep an eye out for shows. Hiram’s playing at Ash St Saloon on Feb 16th. $5 at the door. More later. Love always, THG.

“KS, She Said”

Last weekend, Hiram played the Indie Lit Roadshow, Portland edition. It was great and filled with readings and music and tables of books. Here he is singing our song “KS, She Said” filmed by the folks at PLACE, an awesome art gallery in Pioneer Place Mall. He’s a little rusty on it, but it all worked out ok. By the way, the title’s from a song from The Wizard of Oz. It’s one of many Oz/KS references on our album “The Wild Farewell“.

Lucky Dragons interview

Hiram did a really nice interview (not necessarily because of him) with LA folks Lucky Dragons at Circle Into Square. We particularly like this part:

HL: Are there any new projects that you’d like to talk about?

LD: We’re working on democracy at the moment. Looking into the way things emerge and self-organize, trying to set aside space for this to happen in a good way. One of the best ways to do this seems to be putting things out into the world for people to accept or reject or embed and incorporate into their own worlds… things such as a new record, sculptures, zines, essays, a museum, websites, drawings, live performances… the more simple exchanges we can be a part of, the better feel we get for the complex system we live and work in, and with or without understanding it, the more we contribute to the growing complexity, and ultimately, beauty of it all.